Look around us and observe :

our living & mindful HomePlanet =

LinguasphereEarth ...

 +  =  a UniquePlanet  within an immense "local" StellarZystem          

                  measuring trillions of kilometers in PlanetaryDiameter ...                       


spending 3-4 billions of SolarYears evolving a vital 

TerrestrialZystem of millions of  InterwovenSpecies ...


 a vital Biosphere ...

millions o 

after 3 to 4  billionsf life-forms 

Human-kind include Women    "mankind" do not

Morbi in sem

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Welcome to this Non-profit Planetary "Onlineorg" (NPO), devoted to a co-ordinated
human Plan for Protection of our Planet (OPPP)


This "
Observatory of HumanLanguages & SpeechCommunities around LinguasphereEarth"  has developed steadily since its launch in 1983 at the Université Laval in Québec, Canada,  strengthened by institutional links to the "Great War to End Wars",  from 1914 to 1918/19.             
    2021 sees launch of theObservatoire.org's associated non-profit Onlineorg
ZeroWar.org ,  in           pursuit of the elimination of all War & Threats of War, internationally (including also male civilian simulations of War,                       based on manufacture, marketing & subsequent fatal use of "weapons of War").

 are welcome to

the Linguasphere Register

 "On-going record of our "
Observatory of HumanLanguages & SpeechCommunities around Linguasphere Earth"
The first 2-volume edition of The Linguasphere Register of the World's  Languages & Speech Communities was prepared largely in Normandy, France, in the 1980's & 1990's, where some trial parts were published and freely distributed, before first printing of its two volumes in Cymru (= en. Cambria or "Wales") at the turn of the 20th to 21st Century (1999-2000) ..... dedicated to the 21st Century's Era of Global & Orbital  Communication, in which 
"world studies are now local studies". 
This Linguasphere Register includes a detailed introduction, statistics, a comprehensive   index of over 70,000 linguistic and ethnic names, a bibliography and a full classification & hierarchy of over 13,000 modern "inner languages", scaling outwards to families & groupings and inwards to dialects and sub-communities.
The Register is not commercialised, but is freely available online to readers anywhere under an international Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.     Open access is available to all via theObservatoire.org's site www.linguasphere.info.

THE SIGNAL to Humankind of the arrival of Covid was received from our Planet in the final hours of  31st December 2019, correspond exactly with the end  announcing the arrival of the pandemic Covid-19 at the critical  Turn of the Decades 2010s/2020s. 

THE SIGNAL, as this warning is best termed, has already drawn together thousands of human speech communities which had long been separate.